How To Support Sectual

If you want to support Sectual, but are not interested in buying anything, feel free to send money to our PayPal:

Any money received is used to pay for hosting!

Please check out the Official store! Also check out our Etsy and eBay stores! You can also support Sectual by telling your friends! Word of mouth helps a lot. Sharing threads and content on social media is also highly appreciated!

Other Ways to Support Sectual

An Upgraded Membership on the forum is a great way to support Sectual! When you buy a lifetime Upgraded Membership, you get the account features listed below:

Upgraded Membership Features

1. Change Your Username
2. Set A Custom User Title
3. Create A Forum Signature
4. Create Poll Threads

Before purchasing an Upgrade, please make sure you are registered on the forum, as you cannot receive your Upgrade Features unless you are a registered member!

Your Member Name:

After ordering, please log in to your forum account and PM MO to let her know you purchased an Upgrade!

Please note that if you ask for your account to be Deactivated at any time after purchasing an Upgraded Membership, you will not be refunded.

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