How To Support Sectual

A monthly subscription helps pay for server costs and other aspects of the Sectual outreach. You may stay subscribed for a monthly payment to Sectual, or you may cancel your subscription after the initial payment so that you will not be rebilled.

You may cancel your subscription at any time via PayPal, or by emailing your cancellation request to [email protected]. To cancel via PayPal, login to your PayPal account and visit Profile > My Money > Preapproved Payments. When contacting [email protected], please remember to include the email address on your PayPal subscription so that your subscription may be easily located for cancellation. Thank you!

Note: If you are a member of the forum and have claimed your Upgraded Membership after subscribing, you will still be able to enjoy your Upgraded Membership until it expires, at which time your account will become a regular membership again.

Other Ways to Support Sectual

Check out the Official store! Also check out our Etsy store! Merch is available as a great way to show your support. You can also support Sectual by telling your friends! Word of mouth helps a lot. Sharing threads and content on social media is also highly appreciated!

Sectual also accepts cryptocurrency!

BTC: 1EU9dmV2bUnkXE7hWMapUrqhEfaFPB4YbY

ETH: 0xfddefef66aae63dfacc37a4d9004199a5a5ab333


BCH: 1PUgGA5QyvFMM3yyiupzPyZUG319VAkjW2

Are you a registered member of the forum?

When you subscribe, you get an Upgraded Membership on the forum as long as your subscription is active! Please make sure you are registered on the forum, as you cannot receive your Upgrade unless you are a member.

Upgraded Membership Features

1. Change your username
2. Have a custom User Title
3. Create a forum Signature
4. Have a color username
5. Make poll threads

Color Username Options

Light Blue
Custom Color


After subscribing, please login to your forum account and PM Trix to let her know you want your Upgrade! Remember to include the email address on your PayPal purchase for verification, and include what color username you'd like (it will remain the default color if you don't choose one).

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